Software for restaurants

Our restaurant management software can transform your business and mode of everyday operations right from KOT management to online orders and delivery. Our restaurant management software is far beyond restaurant billing software. On top of the regular features that simplify restaurant operations, we integrate stock and accounting.

Why choose our restaurant management software?

  • Scalability
  • Swiggy integration
  • Compatible to touch POS
  • Supports order taking mobile apps

Advanced features of our restaurant management software include,

  • Trial sheet
  • Balance sheet
  • User Administration
  • User Groups
  • User Security
  • ¬†User activity monitor
  • Easy Backup & Restore and many more!

Our basic product features are KOT Processing, Restaurant Billing, Physical Stock Adjustment, Production, Store, Godown Management, Stock Transfers, Separate Stock Category Management for Raw materials, Food, Beverages, etc. Advanced Reports & Analysis of Stock, Food Costing, Recipe Manager, Purchase, Sales, Stock with Ageing Analysis, Fast Moving Items, Slow Moving Items, Profitable Items, Tax Reports, Salesman Reports, etc.

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