Our updated and customized billing stock management and accounting software for supermarkets and hypermarkets- Gofrugal software- is one among the best in the market. The software is so user-friendly that a layman can easily install it following simple and clear instructions. Our new software is owner-based to protect the owner’s interest (through mobile apps and smart reports) and focuses on better security, reliability, and compatibility with Windows Vista.


Speciality of Gofrugal

  • Stock Taking App

It’s an app which helps us to take stock Without Closing the Shop

  • Purchase Entry App( GRN App )
  • Shelf Stock App

This app indicate the visibility level of the Items in Rack

  • Delivery App

Helps to deliver and Monitor the Staff with the help of Google Map

  • Whats Now App

An app which helps to control the Business.

  • Order Easy App

Online Ordering Application which helps to Order Things.


Who can use Gofrugal software?

Gofrugal software suits companies from a variety of verticals. We support


Super Markets $ Hypermarkets

Groceries and Vegetables

General Traders


Electrical and Electronic shops

Retail and Hardware shops

Beauty Parlour and SPA’S


Why should you try Gofrugal Software?

Promising privacy for owners

Direct GST portal integration for authentic, direct, and easy GST filing

Supports mobile apps (stocktaking app, purchase entry app, Order Taking App, Delivery App, etc.)

Automatic reordering

Simple year-end processes

All round the clock service support


Gofrugal software for supermarkets/hypermarkets intend to upgrade the standards through easy invoice generation & customization, seamless report export, dual menu, easy masters creation, barcode processing, drill-downs, easy to use edit window, and a lot more!

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